Final Conferences at Latin American Universities, June 2019

Final Meeting, CIN (Consejo Interuniversitario Nacional), Ecuador 871, Buenos Aires (Argentina) Monday – June 3rd, 2019
11 Giugno 2019
Especialización en Energía Renovable at Universidad Rafael Landivar de Guatemala
2 Agosto 2019

Five conferences have been organized to disseminate the results of DIEGO within all the stakeholders with the participation of students, Industry, public Authorities and all the public interested in renewable energy and energy efficiency.  The events started with a general overview about the project and the results gained, followed by speeches by representative of the students reporting their experience in Europe and contributions from Industry and local stakeholders, stressing the importance of DIEGO for local market and for the young new professional operating in the field of renewables.

The conferences, one for each Latin American University in Argentina and Uruguay and a common event for the two Guatemalan universities, took place on Friday, June 7th (on Thursday, June 8th at UNdeC), more than 200 participants attended the events.