DIEGO Project’s experience was presented in the framework of MECA Project

March 25th – April 5th 2019: University of Cyprus has launched its courses in Renewable Energies and Photovoltaic at Universidad de la Republica (UDELAR)
2 Aprile 2019
Final Meeting, CIN (Consejo Interuniversitario Nacional), Ecuador 871, Buenos Aires (Argentina) Monday – June 3rd, 2019
11 Giugno 2019

On 1st – 2nd of March 2018, in the framework of MECA Project (Micro Electronics Cloud Alliance), a Training Workshop for Teachers on Job-Linked education has been held in the permises of INOMA Renovelables University School of Engineering, Puerto Real (Cadiz).

The main objective of the workshop was training the  course  developers and  teachers  in  job-oriented  training  of  students and during the sessions Professor Rafael Jiménez Castañeda presented DIEGO Project’s experience to all international partners of MECA Project, coming from Germany, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Spain and France.