The user who becomes producer!

Technical Workshop October 3rd – 4th, 2016, Cadiz (Spain)
6 Ottobre 2016
Solar Energy Lights Up in Latin America
22 Dicembre 2016

The consumer is used to waste the energy produced by others, caused by paying low prices, they need to be more careful about the energy costs of your home and commercial opportunities that obtain the waste of national system of generated power on the roof of producer’s home. This is the gigantic metamorphosis that, according to government envisions will take place in Argentina in a relatively short period.

The key to the transformation has to do with the development of renewable energies, a sector that so far has led to the president Mauricio Macri the best news from the private, with promises of investment of about US $ 2 billion in large projects.

In the case of households, the Ministry of Energy’ goal, Juan Jose Aranguren, is to entice consumers to install solar panels on their residential roofs that allows to take the sunrays to be converted into electricity, something that could be applied in homes and condominium dwellings (PH).

Anyone who chooses this option will have the benefit of both saving (money and energy) and the incentives (DAMEdenor and Edesur).

In addition, in periods that they do not use energy (for example when they go on vacation) they will have a small surplus, which will be paid but in a way that still is not defined.

In other words, they will be like investors, which will have an initial outlay and savings and also an income based on the P.U.T capital.

The draft law of the future development of energy in homes is already in Congress. The national deputy Cali Villalonga (change Let), former head of Greenpeace in the country, has introduced a bill to regulate the energy generation in homes.

However some alternatives can be taken: it is likely to include special funding for such projects and affordability for those who make the investment.

The initiative’s future depends on the funding of projects and economic sustainability for those who make the investment.

As long as a law to govern the investment in renewable energy for individuals to make them economically viable is not implemented, there will be no transformation.

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